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About Mardeont

Why Digital Marketing Deontology?

After the explosion of an ethical conscience in our society and our desire to change, how are companies responding? Sure, everything is now made of “30% recycled materials” and everybody “cares” about the environment but what about business ethics? Is our well-being and individuality a primary concern for companies in this increasingly digital world? Or are we just a series of numbers, a statistic, a click?

As a student in Digital Marketing, I want to explore, share and criticise with you what we learn today. What techniques, practices are used to grow and be seen online. But above all, are they ethical?

“Deontology” is the part of philosophy that studies moral duty. I found it fitting to examine and study digital marketing and to identify good and bad practices in the field.

If you have any ideas, requests or examples, contact me !

The marketing deontologist.

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